Celebrate National Picnic Month With Local Food And Drink Businesses In The North East

Celebrate National Picnic Month With Local Food And Drink Businesses In The North East

Ah July… The glorious summer month, filled with wall-to-wall sunshine, BBQs and beer gardens and no better time in the year to be declared as national picnic month… Unfortunately, due to living in the North East of England our weather is generally pretty rubbish. In fact, at the time of writing this, it’s 10am, I have a lamp on in the living room as it’s incredibly dark outside and there’s horizontal rain. Why am I telling you this? Because the opportunities of getting out on a nice day for a lovely picnic are unfortunately going to be few and far between, meaning it’s vital that when the opportunity does arrive, we’ve got to have the picnic of all picnics, filled with the best locally sourced food and drink. So, as a result, here at ShopOnTheTyne we thought we’d put a little something together to highlight some of the best spots around Newcastle where you can grab some delicious treats for your picnic basket/hamper.

1. Northern Rye

Northern Rye

No great picnic is without a stack of sarnies and no stupendous sarnie is without beautifully baked bread. Northern Rye is a great place to get started here. They bake delicious breads of all sorts, specialising in sourdough bread and viennoiserie, and also serve amazing pastries and cakes too. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all your picnic needs Northern Rye is a great pick.

Northern Rye are currently open for collection between Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm.

2. Geordie Bangers

Geordie Banger Company

So, you now have your bread, but what’s going in the sarnie. If you’re like me and love a sausage sarnie at a picnic, why not try out the Geordie Banger Company. They have a huge range of different flavoured sausages such as Jalapeño, Chorizo, Red Wine & Garlic to name only a few of their massive range and they also do burgers too, so if you’re thinking of a sort of picnic/BBQ crossover, these guys should be your go to.

Geordie Banger Company are open between 7am-4pm every day for collection and delivery.

3. Made Deli

Made Deli

If you’re looking for a place that’ll make you pretty much any sort of sandwich you can imagine, then Made Deli is where we, and most of Newcastle, would recommend. Not only do they have an endless amount of sandwich combinations, but they also have porridge, jacket potatoes, cool customisable breakfast boxes and cakes as well as other bits and bobs like samosas, bhajis, quiche and salads too. Basically, they have it all.

Made are open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. You can also order online and collect in person.

4. Turners of Low Fell

Turner’s Of Low Fell

Now I know you’re having a proper picnic if you’ve got a solid range of cheeses packed into your basket. Whether it’s going into your sarnie or onto some crackers or even to throw on top of a burger, Turner’s Of Low Fell has you covered. They have the finest selection of high-quality cheeses in the land. They also offer amazing meats and love to boast about their supersized eggs too.

Turner’s Of Low Fell are currently only doing deliveries. Please see their Facebook page (linked above) for more information.

5. Hector Hall

Hector Hall

When it’s hot outside it’s always great to have some juicy fruit to help keep you hydrated and the best place to go for lovely fresh fruit is Hector Hall. They’re located in the historic Grainger Market and pride themselves in offering the highest possible quality fresh fruit and vegetables at the lowest price. Whether you want Apples, Bananas, Pears or Peaches, head to Hector Hall.

Hector Hall are open between 7am-5.30pm.

Tynemouth Coffee

Tynemouth Coffee Co

And finally, no picnic is complete without a nice big flask of coffee. If you’re looking for something a little different and also local, why not try out Tynemouth Coffee Co. Their coffee is amazing, so amazing that they’ve won awards, and they have a big range so there’s something for everyone, whatever kind of blend you prefer. The coffee is freshly roasted, lovingly prepared, and can be delivered directly to your front door, for FREE!

Tynemouth Coffee Co. can be ordered online to be delivered through the link above.