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Shop On The Tyne is a community project created by a group of furloughed employees from Newcastle based search agency Evolved Search. It is a free directory of local, independent businesses, with information on their current status, offerings and ways to contact them.

Who’s behind Shop On The Tyne?

The creators of Shop On The Tyne are a group of furloughed staff from Newcastle based search agency Evolved Search. We wanted to put our extra time to good use and we started noticing that lots of local, small businesses were missing out on custom because people either weren’t aware of them, or were assuming that they wouldn’t be trading or have stock available during the pandemic.

We knew that this is something we could help with.

We have designers, developers, writers, account managers and search and PR specialists on our team, so we’ve done our best to use our skills to create something useful for the local community we love so much. It costs nothing to be part of, or to use. This completely free service is a labour of love and a way for us to support our local community.

How does Shop On The Tyne work?

Shop On The Tyne is a free directory of local, small businesses offering goods and services that are beneficial to the local community.

You can search for food and groceries near you and find out what’s on offer, including collection and / or delivery services which are extremely useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will be adding to this list of businesses and services as time goes on.

If you are a local business who would like to be included or update us with new information, please get in touch to register your details. This service is completely free for businesses to register on and for the general public to use.

How is the information on this site collected and maintained?

We’ve collected the data for this website using the following;

  • Google Places API
  • Online Research
  • Contacting local businesses and asking them for up to date information.

While we’ve done our best to provide as much information as possible, as accurately as we can, we cannot guarantee that all the information is 100% correct.

If you are a local business or individual with information on the accuracy of this website, we encourage you to contact us so that we can update the site accordingly. Don't forget, it's completey free to be part of!

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